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Retro billy bulka

Big Strong and loud Veruka Salt has a teenage roid rage temper tantrum while her enslaved business mogol father looks on helplessly during their visit to the steroid factory.  

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I got about 40 potential pieces that i tweak and normally i just build on them until there right or until it builds a story for me to tell you along with the picture by that time im down to … Continue reading

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Stupid holidays

Damned annoying really. Stupid people, stupid questions, Forced good cheer, needless gossip, mooching a free meal, sports talk, sports rivalry, televised sports, sports yelling, Crowded restroom unrestrained undiscipline uncontrolled children. Fuck that.    

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Make it Big!

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These should keep you busy for a while im making MORE  morphs so until then enjoy comment and contribute

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