Cele7110 goes Balistic !!!!


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Cele7110 fantastic story is going STRONG!!! Alicia’s going for it with her New Steroid Cocktail!!! Her uncle’s in WAY OVER HIS HEAD!!!! How many exclaimation points will his next chapter get !!!Read It 2day!!!* I would like to say thanks … Continue reading


I like to give my morphs a theme for a couple of reasons i like that there is a series that cronicle my tastes at the time
Like farang boom boom it”s a homage to farang ding dong a cool breast expantion site with absolutely giant tittied asian
chicks i thought it be cool for an asian muscle giantess site

H.O.S. or Hooked On Steroids was kind of a take off on Hooked On Phonics  i liked the logo and i though iw would be cool if there was a company that helped girls with problems getting BIGGER! and they where real good at it

Chemical Pink is my attempt at influencing a segment of the public
by using the title of the Kathie Arnoldi supercool book Chemical pink as a hook to rook the public
into accepting Gigantic Female Body Builders (G.F.B.B.s) as a part of the social structure
i think cp should be a thing since she is the first
that i know of that wrote about a sexual connection with female muscle growth
If any body has the pdf of that book and would like to send me a copy
i would appretiate it ill trade you some custom art

If you got an idea for a theme make a logo for an exercise and keep it around as a unifier
i think it adds to the coolness of giant women art


originally done for an ad in young-n- buldgin magazine

Giant Morphin Muscle Girls

China Will Grow Larger

I for one would like the chinese government to implement a girls
Growth program. pumping up the large female population for the rest of the world to envy and admire the women would excel at long grueling workouts and the local govt would look the other way when it came to proformance enhancing drugs soon the streets of beijing would have tens of thousands of muscular women working and dancing and being a prominant dominant force throughout asia that would start a muscle women frenzy throughout the world and cause other nations to try to close the mass muscle gap by supplimenting gyms high schools girls scouts and othe traditional female oriented organization with experimental growth drugs and genetic enhancements to make girls explode the world over with abundant powerful muscle