Scarlett & Violet Beauregarde Pageant Season

Its full to capacity at Roid Grrrl gym.Scarlett Beauregarde & Violet juice up stupidly Huge!

Girls and their mothers are crammed into the all free weight facility most of them pumping iron to muscle failure, flexing in between sets, or putting away plates 6 at a time (some girls do that all day just to get in extra work out time)

this time of year Roid Grrrl Gym has some extra services to accommodate the needs of the members there is a tailor on site providing beautiful clothes and tight garments and to update the measurements of the members. full service catering offering a variety of foods including high fat foods for girls who religiously insist on a traditional off season body.

there’s  a observation gallery and since no men are allowed on the gym floor for their own safety  (there’s a lot of heavy iron slamming around) The pay a lot of money to stand in the gallery which sells out daily with a waiting list.  A pharmacy with an on site support staff that adjust your growth supplements, and an army of massage therapists.,

Since inheriting the gym, Scarlett Beauregarde has put these innovations to work at the gym now it’s the place to be to prep for pageant season.

Roid Grrrl Gym is always crowded but when Scarlett and Violet hit the gym there’s always a bench press or a smith machine or a squat rack available

VIolet Beauregarde at 5 foot 2 inch tall 308 pounds is a muscular steroid freak she is a tough loud mean beast that even the biggest power lifters in the gym are scared of

as she lifts frightening amounts of weights her equal powerful Mother keeps her anabolics and mid workout meals ready to go. as she tosses around tons of weights she is constantly screaming and insulting everybody she sees and complaining about how small her muscles are. so to calm her down Scarlett regularly injects Violet’s major muscle groups with synthol.

This keeps her bigorexic roid raging daughter from running around and tearing up clothing stores and beating up or kidnapping boys at school.

This is the things she has deal with to win all the various muscle worship beauty pageants around the state.

almost all the young gym sluts are like this, full of steroids and ego. with the grueling heavy workouts and pageant preparations and their mothers pushing them to lift more and squat more, all the girls were always cranky always hungry and always on the edge of exhaustion.

Being stuffed into tight evening gowns and tighter one piece bathing suits walking everywhere in 8 inch reinforced high heels eating enormous amounts of food and still being hungry .

All to be on stage in tiny clothes with big grins on their roid filled faces muscles buldging all to be judged for poise and charm.





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4 Responses to Scarlett & Violet Beauregarde Pageant Season

  1. B0ss says:

    Sounds like paradise!

  2. hbomb says:

    The mothers are training partners. because they’re older and stronger they relentlessly train their daughters and oversee their steroid/H.G.H./and SYNTHOL intake.
    they train just as hard as the girls and take as many anabolic steroids as their daughters, in most cases they take more just to control their powerful over muscled unruly girls.
    the moms also act as bouncers keeping other girls from attacking their daughters and also keeping their girls from mischief, like car lifting, boy collecting, public clothes bursting, fighting and destruction of property.

    FYI Comments are always welcome…

  3. Muscle worship beauty pageants? How does the mothers keep their roid girls from beating up the judges?

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