Super Size Sensation!

what makes mellisa musclesMelissa Lu Chang has to be the most genetically gifted athlete in Southern California. 4 months ago she didnt have an ounce of muscle on her skinny body.

She started out doing push ups and leg lifts so she could be more toned and tight. But soon she would do 300 push ups and a 45 minutes session of different leg lifts and wouldn’t feel a thing.

Then she started lifting weights and all of a sudden her body responsed to the physical stimulation her muscles started getting harder and started to show some muscle …that lasted 3 days.

If she was going to have visible results she was going to have to take drastic measures. She gave her cousin lee a call and in a couple of days he brought her a suitcase full of steroids from the old country.

And boy did her body respond. She counted on the Steroids giving her lots of muscle gain but she didnt reckon on the Human Growth Hormone making her so tall. after a month of hard and heavy roid fueled work outs she had almost no clothes that fit.

That’s okay though, she has lots of new boyfriends hanging out at the gym just dying to do something nice for her. They buy her whatever she wants. And wait on her every wish.



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4 Responses to Super Size Sensation!

  1. Outlawmonkeyx says:

    A little grammar mistake on the third paragraph “sudden he body” should be “sudden heR body”.

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