full steam

comment and enjoy
also, that Tropican is a freakin genius.
am i right?titanic-teen

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2 Responses to full steam

  1. Tropican says:

    You are too kind! Thank you!

    Here you have some pictures more, they don’t belong to the SuperTweenz category but I hope you enjoy them!

    Fbb version of the famous Jayne Mansfield-Sophia Loren photo:

    Female muscle growth sequence using pictures from the movie “Death Becomes Her”:

    Helen Mirren as a bodybuilder:

    An imaginary episode of “Community”. Annie and Britta start training for the upcoming Greendale College Bodybuilding Contest. However, Annie ever so competitive, takes advantage of her job at the pharmaceutical company Futurza, and becomes a test subject for an experimental muscle growth formula.

  2. Mmm, who wouldn’t want to see her roided up even more.

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