VT 2


I Got A Message from Ms Tunwarm She seemed very pleased with pics i put up but she has changed her avatar a lot and she gave me some NEW pics of her New Look some have Massive pumped muscle and some have pics of boobs big enough to smother an elephant to death try not to drool on your laptops folks that will ruin it for sure  if you’re in world  I M her for a super sexy session and tell her H BOMB sent you ♥

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Veronica Tunwarm

here are some picts of one of my fave Second Life Muscle /Big Boob Babes

Veronica ( Ronnie) Tunwarm she and I had several fun Sessions And She has Been cool enough to pose for me for a few Lindens. she love cos-play and has lots of looks she really seems to be into the muscle thing and for some reason she likes being bigger than me (not that I’m complaining) she even gives a size discount i think one of the better escorts in the muscle side of SL i hope you like them… ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage what the hell am i sating i KNOW you will like them i will post some more soon let me know what you think please